Fully vaccinated as of May 15th 2021

COVID has of course changed how my business operates and my #1 priority is the health of myself, my clients, and our community. Each house is different, but there are some general precautions that I am taking and am asking that my clients take.

Steps I'm Taking:
- Monitoring myself for symptoms and wearing a mask when in public
- Using hand sanitizer after picking up and dropping off each dog
- Using my own leashes to limit the spread of germs

Steps I Ask That You Take:
- If possible, leave all of your pups belongings by the front door so I don't have to enter your apartment unless necessary
- If you are home at the time of the walk, please coordinate with me for either a contactless or quick handoff of your pup
- If you or any of your roommates are quarantining or sick, please let me know as soon as possible

If you have any suggestions to help us both be safer, please don't hesitate to let me know!