Meet Matt

Hi there, I'm Matt (They/She/He). I have been a dog walker in Bushwick since 2016, and have loved dogs all my life. Prior to starting my own dog walking business I worked in animal shelters in Manhattan and Berkeley, CA. I was born in Oakland, CA and moved to NYC in 2012 and to Bushwick in 2014.

In addition to working with dogs, I have also raised plenty within my own home. In Oakland I grew up with the sweetest pit bull ever named Shirley Temple, and after moving to Bushwick I began fostering with an animal shelter. Over the years I have fostered and cared for almost every type of dog from big to small, from puppy to senior, from crazy energetic to timid and shy, from super friendly to dog aggressive, so I have a vast knowledge to draw from to fit the specific needs of your pup <3

Meet Ruby

Ruby (She) is my own puppy that I adopted in October 2020. She is a lovebug and very sweet, but as she is still young she can definitely be energetic at times. She is very friendly with other dogs and is very good at respecting other dogs boundaries when clearly stated.

If it is your first time boarding with me, I do ask that you come over before the boarding begins so that your pup and Ruby can meet each other to make sure they will get along. It also makes it easier when you come to drop them off because they have been here before.